Helene Poulin
Few parents can imagine anything more painful than the death of a child. I know that pain. The loss of my son and daughter in an accident caused unimaginable grief. To have a third and last child die in a crash 9 years later added agony almost beyond endurance. My name is Hélène and I am writing this blog to share my experience, to explain my journey of recovery from a horribly wounded heart. I hope it will create a forum for parents who have suffered similar tragedy and offer them the comfort and strength that sharing provides.

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Tree Of Life

Last summer I set out to gather pictures for this series of posts, which I’ve titled “Remembering Loved Ones”. This mission took me to Sudbury to connect with family and friends and the Sudbury Hospital (formerly Laurentian Hospital and now Health Services North). At the information desk of one wing an employee directed me to […]

Video Market Place Defective Latch on Chrysler Grand Caravan

          In an earlier post dated August 18, 2015, entitled ”More Insanity”,  I mentioned a taping done by Market Place featuring our case and many others where there were many deaths due to the defective latches on the Chrysler Minivans and other defective doors on other vehicles. I was able to […]


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Social Media

Another way of communicating and reaching out to our departed loved ones is through social media. I see many posts on Facebook when anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions come to mind. It’s a way to tell departed loved ones how much they are missed and to share fond thoughts and memories. Along with the words […]

Park Bench in Orillia

I lived in Orillia for five years. The town has two lakes; Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching. The Trans Canada Trail runs along Lake Couchiching.  I purchased a park bench on it and attached a plaque on the back with an inscription in memory of my three children. When I lived there I would often […]


A podcast recorded with myself and Holly Dowling in reference to my blog will be released AUGUST 18, 2016. Please  click on the following link to listen to the presently posted podcasts in the series ”A Celebration Of You”.PODCASTS Holly Dowling is an amazing woman, helping so many people throughout the world. Enjoy, PODCASTS

Remembering Our Loved Ones #2

CROSSES AT THE ACCIDENT SITE I placed crosses at the accident site. Someone was pulling them out. I had 12 crosses made and continued replacing them as they were pulled out. I inquired with the township as to my rights to do this; they responded I had every right to do this.  They continued by […]

Remembering Our Loved Ones #1

As any mother does, I often thought of things my children would like; toys and clothes and gifts, they could enjoy. After all these years I occasionally still do. When I went shopping after they were gone, I would see things and would think to myself ‘’Anne would like this or Adam would like that’’ then […]

Three Choices – Part 2

The saying goes, “Time heals”. I say “Time dulls”. I no longer think constantly about the loss of my children. I go on with life like anyone else. But once in a while, with nothing special to trigger it, the sadness hits me in the face and I think, “What on earth happened there?” I […]

Three Choices

Choice #1  Kill yourself quickly (suicide) or slowly (this is what I was doing by drinking myself on the way to death). Choice #2  Relive the losses, day after day at infinitum!! Choice #3  Made a decision to surrender to a better life, to carry on, to accept and to change. Use of alcohol to […]