My worst shopping trip ever!!

The worst shopping trip I have ever had was the one to select the clothes my children would be buried in.  We had already gone to the funeral home to choose their caskets.

On the day of the funeral, the caskets were placed at the front of the chapel.  People crowded the hall of the large funeral home and spilled well outside onto the street.

Two ladies I did not know were there with our families, friends of ours and the children’s classmates and their parents.  They had read about the tragedy and wanted to attend.  I like to think that even strangers shared in our grief and sympathized with our loss.

There were many, many fowers, plants, cards and messages of comfort.  Co-workers and friends donated a substantial amount of money which we contributed to the Laurentian Hospital in Sudbury.

Today, there remains a bronze leaf on the tree of life in the main foyer of the hospital.  It is simply inscribed ”in memory of Anne & Adam”.

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