Facing Reality

Today I can reflect on it with calm understanding. But at the time nearly every effort people made to help seemed to make the pain and horror worse. Visitations at the funeral home were two afternoons and two evenings. My beloved children were just a few feet away in their caskets. The funeral was on […]

I Do Not Blame God

I was raised in the Catholic Church and have always had a strong connection with God. But the sudden, tragic death of my beloved son and daughter raised questions that I had never before considered. I had always believed God created heaven, earth and humans but made us responsible for the conduct of our lives. […]

Read this in a novel today

Hard as the first year is, harder still is what happens in all the years that follow, when part of you forgets for a moment here or there what you’ve lost, even as the rest knows that in your deepest bones you can never for a day, an hour, an instant, forget.

My worst shopping trip ever!!

The worst shopping trip I have ever had was the one to select the clothes my children would be buried in.  We had already gone to the funeral home to choose their caskets. On the day of the funeral, the caskets were placed at the front of the chapel.  People crowded the hall of the […]

Some Good Came Out Of Bad

The night of the accident, a doctor called our house to ask if he could have Anne and Adam’s corneas.  We knew how valuable they could be to someone. Years before, my husband lost an eye playing hockey.  Afterwards, he needed cataract surgery in his other eye and then suffered a detached retina that almost […]

Lives Changed Forever In 2 Seconds

We left police examiners at the horrifying accident scene as another officer drove us to the hospital.  I remember him wiping away tears.  Family members soon arrived to share our shock and sorrow.  My husband went to see our children, my daughter already dead.  Her arm was severed on impact when the car hit the […]

That Dreadful Day

With five lively kids in our van, we were heading home for a barbeque after a delightful summer Sunday in the city. Then the crash. In a horrifying split second, our lives were shattered. Anne, my precious first born, was dead just before her 13th birthday. Funny little Adam, my six-year-old, was fatally injured. Handsome […]

Poem ”A Child Of Mine”

A CHILD OF MINE I’ll lend to you a little while A Child of Mine, He said For you to love while he lives And mourn when he is dead It may be six or seven years Or twenty two or three But will you til I call him back Take care of him for […]



  1. Thank you Hélène. So difficult and raw to go through life, with family loss, sudden and tragic.
    we as a family are no strangers to tragedy. Hard to put in words, the goings to and fro, after a tragedy, where you are left to pick up pieces; but life itself not giving you any time to catch your breath, or even understanding the pieces you have left, or how they relate to you. MG sister in a car accident, at 21, suddenly. My father, 8 months latter, suddenly, of a heart attack. My mother, suddenly, after a successful hip replacement, of a heart attack. All young, all suddenly.
    It has forced me to look at God as blameless, instead of guilty. No easy task! Lots of prayer was needed.

  2. I was glad to see you on Saturday, Helene., You inspire me I know that one never gets over a close loss. One just learns to incorporate it into one’s life and it becomes part of your psyche. I would never presume to say that I know how you feel because I don’t, not having lost a child myself, let alone more than one. However, I can admire the fact that you put one foot ahead of the other each day and that you continue daily living which includes being a friend to others and maintaining a cheerful outlook which encourages others to realize that life is for the living no matter what, and each day in one’s life is a gift. Thank you for not giving up and for being an example to others of courage and bravery each day of your life.

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