Getting Unstuck by Les Brown

One tool I found and now use almost daily is listening to motivational speakers on Podcasts and Youtube videos.  This method keeps me on the right track.  Without this focus it is easy for me to retreat into negative thoughts that can spin into my head without warning. 
As I start my day I select a video/audio with an upbeat personality and positive message.  I play it loud because there is no one to disturb in my little house.  
The other day I chose a recording titled ‘Getting Unstuck’ by top motivational speaker Les Brown who is one of my favorites.  He speaks loud, with passion.  He tells great stories, teaches important lessons and loves both his mother and her sweet potato pie.  And has the best laugh ever!!
As I listened I was so touched that I knew I must share it with you.  It goes beautifully with my post of February 28,2016 titled ‘Three Choices’.  He explains it so beautifully!!
I hope this speaks to you as it did with me.   Click here to listen. Getting Unstuck
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  1. Motivational speakers and loud podcasts. I can relate to the power of that in stopping or drowning out the early morning negative ruminating. .a dangerous place. An excellent suggestion. Ty.

  2. Helene, I watched Les Brown’s presentation and it struck me that I have been stuck for quite awhile without realizing what was ailing me. When Norm died, I did get support and I made sure I got up and going somewhere each day. Through the years as we have said goodbye to so many we love, it has pulled me down into the slough of despond so subtly, that I convinced myself it was aging that was doing it; just a fact of life. Can I pull myself up and out? I’m not sure but I will try. Thanks

    • I’ve seen you in action Pat and you remind me of me sometimes. You are quite happy, funny, participant when we are together, out, doing stuff but I’m sure when you get home, it’s another story. Not all the time of course but many times and yep, we can blame it on many things. Just an observation of you & me and many others I bet. Thanks for your input.xo

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