Lives Changed Forever In 2 Seconds

We left police examiners at the horrifying accident scene as another officer drove us to the hospital.  I remember him wiping away tears.  Family members soon arrived to share our shock and sorrow.  My husband went to see our children, my daughter already dead.  Her arm was severed on impact when the car hit the rear of the van where she sat.  I could not bear to see her or my fatally injured six-year-old son.

That night my surviving young son, my husband and I slept in the family room.  We did so for a few weeks after the accident.  I have heard this from other parents although I am not sure why.

We were unable to retire to our own room as though our family was still whole.

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  1. I know that story all too well my youngest son, Brian, passed away in a logging camp from the flu Oct. 25th , 1998, just 3 weeks before his 19th birthday it was the worst day of my life until July 30, 2006, when my wonderful supportive husband of 21 years was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I tried everything but terminal is terminal Ian passed away Nov 25, 2006 just 4 days after our anniversary. My life has never been the same. I’ve lost everything and I’m struggling to regain a life that was taken from me but I know God is there at my side. I’m also Catholic and have a strong faith or I would have left this world long ago and even though it has been many years I still feel the tremendous pain in left deep in my sole and the huge hole in my heart. Kathy Roberts

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