Moving On (June16.15)

IMG_0268There’s no real magic to the path I took out of my negative work environment. Step One of my AA Program teaches me ‘’I am powerless over alcohol’’. I have learned to use this teaching continuously and I suggest everyone should ‘’ I am powerless over ……..’’. So I am powerless over ‘’My Employer’s disfuntionality’’, I am powerless over ‘’The Criminal Justice System’’. I have learned to acknowledge what I am powerless over, do something about it… let it go and move on.
In March, less than two weeks back to work after taking my 2 month leave, I knew I should not remain in this environment.
I wrote to management that, “it gives me great pleasure to advise them that I will be leaving this employment and taking my pension as of June 26, 2015.”
To anyone stuck in an unhappy job situation but frightened about leaving, this might seem a bold, even foolish move. But I have made my feelings clear in an earlier blog about the need to pursue happiness in a life journey that could end any day. So I left with no doubts.
In addition to a modest pension I had some accumulated vacation days. I walked away when I knew the situation did not feel right. It was clear I dreaded being there. I should note that I had friends among clients and co-workers but the management, administrative structure and bureaucratic nit-picking cast a dark cloud over me. My feelings told me it was not right. Life was just too short to remain in that kind of environment. Walk away and move on to something better.
I know I will be okay emotionally, spiritually and physically . . . because I will make it so.
I will be able to make recipes I never could when I was too rushed or too tired.  I will pack a lunch and cycle somewhere to sit on a bench or a beach and read, write more blogs, listen to music. I will weed my flower beds and de-clutter my house and do things neglected when work drained me of energy and enthusiasm.
I belong to a 12-step fellowship that has enabled me to recover from the deadly trap of alcoholism. Equally wonderful is that it has provided me with a huge number of healthy new friends, positive and grateful about life. They, in turn, have welcomed me to many activities that my retirement will now allow me to enjoy.
My home-based business evolved 3 years ago when I was at a low in my life. I will tell you what happened in another blog as I wish to keep this post happy.  The purpose and title of this blog is ‘’how I survived after the death of my 3 children’’ and I will share a step I took to get me out of my hole I was in 3 years ago.  I was searching for a way to leave this full time employment and I was looking for ideas.  I joined a Ladies Mastermind group and that is where I met my business partner.  I enrolled in this home-based business and from there I now have a whole new family from countries throughout the world.  I have never done this type of work before and I am learning so much.  I love to travel and this job enables me to do just that. The better I get at this job, the more I will travel…youpiiiii   I will share my website with you so that you can see what I’m talking about.
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  1. Helene you’ve always amazed me and have been so much more to me than a colleague. Keep writing , keep doing what you do.

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