Remembering Our Loved Ones #2

I placed crosses at the accident site. Someone was pulling them out. I had 12 crosses made and continued replacing them as they were pulled out. I inquired with the township as to my rights to do this; they responded I had every right to do this.  They continued by telling me that someone else had called and inquired about the crosses posted at that site. I suppose it was those pulling them out.  The battle ended and the crosses remain. I will continue replacing them and will as long as I am able.
I’m certain you have noticed many crosses along roadways in this country and in others throughout the world where lives have been lost.
One month after taking this picture, I had to go up north again. As I drove by the crosses on the highway, I noticed someone had attached a plush Mickey Mouse to one of them and I believe it was a teddy bear on the other. After checking with my family, no one knows who placed them there! Thank you.
Huge bases filled with rocks hold up the large crosses. A bad storm had gone through and blown them down. My brother who made these crosses noticed someone had stopped to stand them back up.  Thank you.
It is nice to know there are so many caring people.




I have a garden in my back yard dedicated to my children. It has angels with chimes, ceramic bird houses hanging in the trees along with a variety of colorful ornaments and decorations.
Before my mother passed on she made many ceramic figures and novelties. Her ceramic rabbits are in this garden.
I had taken foil plates, made cement and poured it into them to make stepping stones. These are decorated with beads, outlining their names. I still have them in the garden.  My friend Willy gave me beautiful flowers that I planted last fall. They were doing very well and I was so anxious to see them bloom but a baby rabbit has eaten them  up and there are only stocks remaining! Good thing the stores have a great supply of flowers. haha



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  1. I had not seen these wonderful pictures before. I am touched. This morning at my Kiwanis meeting (I am new to this particular club, the first woman to be invited to join.) I was asked to thank the speaker. The speaker was Rita Myres who specializes in grief therapy and of course I told part of my story about my young husband dying and leaving me with three little ones to raise….at least I told some of the story…and how I related to the grief she talked about and how one grows from it, It was a spiritual experience, being asked to do this, I having experienced grief first hand at a very deep level. And the members didn’t know beforehand what had happened in this instance in my life. Sincerely, Shirley

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