Remembering Our Loved Ones #1

As any mother does, I often thought of things my children would like; toys and clothes and gifts, they could enjoy. After all these years I occasionally still do. When I went shopping after they were gone, I would see things and would think to myself ‘’Anne would like this or Adam would like that’’ then it was ‘’Paul would like this’’. A friend I met this past winter told me his friend still buys Christmas gifts for her son who passed away five years ago.
What can we give our loved-ones once they have left this earth? We hope they can see us and hear our thoughts and wishes and prayers and our aching hearts.
I will share with you some of the things I did and some things other people do to remember their loved ones.




Continue changing flowers at the headstone depending on the season. I have placed windmills, huge colourful flowers that children would love. Some family and friends bring momentos and leave them there.
I worked 1/4 of a mile from the cemetery where my children were buried and I would go at lunch time and sit on the grass at the grave site and have my lunch with my children. I did this almost every day in the first year.
Anyone who watched ‘’Scandal’’ on Netflix saw ‘’Smelly Melly’’, the president’s wife, go to sit on her son’s grave, in her housecoat with her bag of chips.
I totally get it!!!

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  1. Helene I used to ride my bike and visit Norm. I’d sit on the grass and just talk to him. Over 30 years and I still get the sadness but I believe he is in a good place.

  2. Such precious memories of your little ones. I’m sure they look down on you daily with a great big smile because you are still there for them. I pray for you each day because I’m sure the hurt just doesn’t go away. Bon courage mon amie.

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