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Another way of communicating and reaching out to our departed loved ones is through social media.
I see many posts on Facebook when anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions come to mind. It’s a way to tell departed loved ones how much they are missed and to share fond thoughts and memories. Along with the words there can be a picture of the person or a beautiful image. Who knows if our loved ones read Facebook, see the flowers we put on their graves or other memorials? But it gives us a sense of continuing love and intimacy. I want to believe such gestures help me remain connected to my three departed children. It is also a way to let friends know why one who has suffered such tragic loss may appear particularly withdrawn or reflective at certain times.
Then there is blogging. Never in a million years did I think I would be blogging about the tragedies in my life. It took 24 years for me to share my path in this way after my children’s deaths. I am not talking to them in my blog but by writing it, I feel I am reaffirming how much I loved them. Of course, going through all the photos I am using on these posts I again view 19 years of memories. It has given me countless bittersweet images of the birthdays, vacations, Christmases and special times we shared.
The blogging is also a “feel good” tool, a way for me to share with those who are suffering tragic loss and may find comfort in the path I have found. It helps me feel that I am doing something worthwhile with my tragic experience.
I am posting this blog on Facebook and Twitter. My goal is to send it around the world to help inform and comfort those sharing it. I know your pain. I also know there is life after tragedy.
Thank you for sharing.

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  1. Helene;

    J’aime beaucoup lire les choses que tu mets. Tu es une personne speciale et tres forte et oui je pense que quand tu ecris ces choses la sur le blog, je crois que cela d’aide. Continue et je pense a toi.

  2. Helene – I figure it takes a lot to share your story. You are a pillar of strength and I’m sure it will definately help others. I will share your story with others. xox ~m

  3. Helene, I have just read all your blog posts. You are truly an inspiration, the courage and strength that you show is amazing. I am proud to call you my friend.
    Love you,

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