Some Good Came Out Of Bad

The night of the accident, a doctor called our house to ask if he could have Anne and Adam’s corneas.  We knew how valuable they could be to someone.

Years before, my husband lost an eye playing hockey.  Afterwards, he needed cataract surgery in his other eye and then suffered a detached retina that almost left him blind.  During our many days at St-Michael’s hospital we had seen many victims of eye disorders.  We clearly understood the importance of that decision and approved the donation the next morning.

Adam had a weak eye and had been seeing the same specialist as my husband.  He was the doctor who removed my children’s corneas.  I can’t imagine how it felt to do this operation on the healthy little boy who days before had been his patient.

Two years later while accompanying my husband on a check-up with this eye specialist, I asked what had become of my children’s corneas.  He told me the patient who had just left his office was doing very well with one of Adam’s corneas.  He said the patient with the other was also thriving.  Anne’s corneas were needed in Toronto.  I  hope one or two other people enjoy great vision because of her eyes.

I remind myself that good things can result from even the worst nightmare.

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