Paul’s Death August 31, 2000

Paul was 10 when he survived the accident that took the lives of his younger brother and sister. I cherished his love every day until he too was killed in a highway accident at 19 years of age. Through high school Paul, now our only child was placed in a class with slower students. For […]

MARKET PLACE VIDEO CHRYSLER GRAND CARAVAN   The man who killed our two beautiful children was again found not guilty in the Court of Appeal in Toronto. We returned home drained, angry and agonizingly frustrated by the “justice” system. Knowing the acquittal would be printed in our local newspaper (The Sudbury Star), I called the newsroom and asked them to […]

The Painful Insanity Of The Legal System

To Review: On a sunny Sunday afternoon, July 28, 1991, we were driving home for a bbq after go-carting with friends when an oncoming car crossed two lanes into ours. To avoid being hit, my husband steered to the shoulder but the oncoming car clipped the back end of our van which spun around and […]

Moving On (June16.15)

There’s no real magic to the path I took out of my negative work environment. Step One of my AA Program teaches me ‘’I am powerless over alcohol’’. I have learned to use this teaching continuously and I suggest everyone should ‘’ I am powerless over ……..’’. So I am powerless over ‘’My Employer’s disfuntionality’’, […]

A Happy Day

Today was the last one at my full time job. I have retired. It’s a big step into the unknown. I have taken it only after careful consideration of lessons learned so far on my life journey. The most important of those is that life is short. No one knows when it might end abruptly. […]

Why Can Some Bear More Than Others?

I have thought endlessly about what happens emotionally when a mother loses a child. Or a loving partnership is shattered by death. What is grief? Why does it manifest itself in so many ways? Why is it so intense and prolonged for some, almost fleeting for others? History, literature and fables depict grief in infinite […]

Things People Said

Well-intentioned words can seem dreadfully inappropriate at times of grief. The phrase “Celebration of Life” at my children’s funeral upset me greatly. They barely had lives. What was there to celebrate? I don’t believe anyone was deliberately cruel or even insensitive following my children’s tragic deaths but some nevertheless said things that caused unbelievable pain. […]

Pain Transforms Us

My dear friend  and I share tragic experiences, the emotions surrounding them, and the lessons in life they teach. My friend had driven 7 hours to attend for  son Paul’s funeral. Then last November I spent a weekend with her following her son’s death. Her son and mine share death anniversaries, August 31st.  The pain ripped […]